Sandrik de DAVRICHEWY studied the classical piano during its schooldays and, at that time, he fell in love with traditional jazz, with his brother IRAKLI who began to play the trumpet.


Alongside, he learned also to play the banjo. So, he can play the piano or the banjo depending on the needs of the bands which hire him: IRAKLI NEW-ORLEANS AMBASSADORS, the JAZZ O MANIACS, SHARKEY AND CO, the HIGH SOCIETY JAZZ BAND, the METROPOLITAN JAZZ BAND.

... And many other bands which had had their hour of glory before sinking into the oblivion, having fortunately recording, here and there, often with quality, witnesses of this musical world.

Regular banjoist of the “VIEIL ORLEANS ORCHESTRA”, Sandrik is an inseparable element of the musical architecture of the band.
Now, with the “SAN FRANCISCO JAZZ BAND”, another adventure has begun in the land where the banjo has a paramount role.