If you ask him which instrument he plays, his answer will be invariably "I am a clarinetist". It is his passion, it is the instrument which corresponds to the music of his soul. Then obviously, as the band looked for a pianist, we dropped Pierre CASENAVE's name, until Sandrik said the truth: Pierre is also an excellent pianist.

Since we were able to notice it and we learnt many things about him, let’s listen to him :
" In 1975, I began being a “pianiste-de-bar” until 1981, at this time I joined the herd of Jérôme SAVARY, the " BIG MAGIC CIRCUS ". This brought me in the environment of the theater where I worked as composer of music for the theater, with various groups, until 1996.”

We even learnt besides as after two years spent within the section of reeds of the STAATSKAPELLE of DRESDEN, he obtained in 1991 the first prize of clarinet of the HOCHSCHULE FÜR MUSIK UND THEATER of MUNICH.

You will have understood that Pierre is simply a "musician", a universal musician for whom all the music is good from the moment it is played well with sincerity and passion.

So what to do when you are a clarinetist and when you play the piano in the “SAN FRANCISCO JAZZBAND” ? You push the ragtime in its ultimate limits until the piano explodes, thank you Pierre!