The SAN FRANCISCO JAZZBAND from Paris (France)

In 2006, Georges BILLECARD decided to modify the composition of his band, the “Vieil Orléans Orchestra”, which already included Jean-Pierre RIO ( tp ) and Jean-Marc TERNOIS ( tb ), by integrating Michel MARCHETEAU (tu) and Sandrik de DAVRICHEWY ( bj ). It is this quintet which recorded for the label JAZZTRADE the very beautiful album «Tribute to King Oliver ", then, adding Philippe MARTEL (p) and Guy PREVOST (dm), the exceptional album "Blues for you, Sidney" in homage to Sidney BECHET on variations and arrangements of Michel KLOTCHKOFF for the label BLACK AND BLUE.


In 2012, at the instigation of Jean Marc TERNOIS who, having played with the “New Watergate” band, analyzed the playing of Turk MURPHY and his musical conceptions, the band, under the name of “San Francisco Jazz Band from Paris (France)”, specialized in the repertoire and the style of the Californian trombonist, while integrating the pianist Pierre CASENAVE.


The first CD of the SFJB offers a sample of Ragtimes, Blues and Ballads played many times during the nights at the “Petit Journal Saint Michel” well-known venur in Paris. This recording allows experienced musicians to revisit the music of Turk MURPHY by respecting his spirit while colouring it with their own personalities.


The SFJB also illustrates the inseparable vocal aspect of the performances of Turk MURPHY.

Joyful or melancholic, these performances mix cohesion of the group and individual expressivenesses, these two characteristic elements of the traditional Jazz and establish a strong tribute to an artist who dedicated his life to the illustration of this music.

Stanley Overbrook

“Ain’t They Syncopatin’”

New release 2005- BAKER PRESS , AUCKLAND