During his classical music beginnings at the academy of Reims, playing the trombone in the school classical band (Mozart, Beethoven …), Jean-Marc TERNOIS fed in high dose of Sidney BECHET and Chris BARBER. 

The continuation is a question of long-lasting meetings - with a band of students, the “JUMBO JAZZ BAND”, with Michel HUET’s band (4 years), Gilbert ROST (2 years), Jacky CAROFF (20 years), Claude LUTER (6 years), and occasional meetings with Maxim SAURY, Marc LAFERRIERE, René FRANC, Gilbert LEROUX...

For decades, Jean-Marc has been the trombonist of the different bands managed by Georges BILLECARD : the “QUINTETTE DE PARIS”, the “VIEIL ORLEANS ORCHESTRA”. That's the way it goes! With the love of the music from King OLIVER to Roland KIRK, from Nellie MELBA to Anna NETRENKO, from RAMEAU to STRAVINSKY, from singers like BARBARA to Véronique SANSON.

Now with the “SAN FRANCISCO JAZZ BAND”, he can ring the trombone still differently between tenderness and roughness, in a music which asserts more than it suggests unless you know how to listen to it and read between its lines.