Jean-Pierre RIO

Hearing very early a "hipster" of his neighborhood who listened and played the music of Django REINHART, Jean-Pierre RIO got his first trumpet at the age of 16. In 1967 he played with the “FAMOUS MELODY BOYS” evoking the music of Fletcher HENDERSON. He was then recruited into the famous phalanx “SHARKEY AND Co”.

During several years Jean-Pierre asserted his taste for independence and the free-lance practice of his instrument  by appearing sporadically in concerts with various groups.


In 1994 Jean-Pierre by concern of stability, joined the “ONE MORE TIME JAZZ” gang soon prize-winner of the Jazz Contest de MEGEVE (1998). In 1999 he began to play with the “WATERGATE SEVEN + 1” switching from the cornet-trumpet to the trumpet.


Today Jean-Pierre plays regularly with the “SAN FRANCISCO JAZZBAND FROM PARIS”. Alongside, he also goes on with some bands :  the “VIEIL ORLEANS ORCHESTRA”, the “JAZZ@FOUR”, the “FAMOUS MELODY FOUR” and the “WATERGATE SEVEN + 1”.

Jean Pierre is one of these rare trumpeters whose beautiful melodic line insures the coherence and the color of the band. The SAN FRANCISCO JAZZ BAND takes advantage of it completely today.