His first revelation of the jazz was Duke ELLINGTON and then “Claude LUTER et ses Lorientais”  heard on the radio: Michel MARCHETEAU was ten years old, say : it was yesterday.

After his beginnings playing trombone within the band of the “HOT CLUB DE LAVAL”, Michel moved to Paris and joined the Jacky CAROFF’s band. He then switched from the trombone to the tuba when he joined the band of Pierre DIEUZEY. Michel has been a member of bands managed by Robert HUSSON and Raymond FONSEQUE and played at venues in Paris like the “KENTUCKY”, the  “RIVERBOAT”, the “HUCHETTE”... He played with Mezz MEZZROW, Albert NICHOLAS, Bill COLEMAN, Benny WATERS...


In 1989 he became the regular tuba player of Claude LUTER until the disappearance of this great musician. Michel made numerous recordings with all these bands.

Michel's most personal musical contribution was the creation of the “WATERGATE SEVEN PLUS ONE”. 

Current regular tuba of the “VIEIL ORLEANS ORCHESTRA”, Michel also plays regularly with other bands : the “WATERGATE SEVEN PLUS ONE”, the “ONE MORE TIME”, as well as beside Eric LUTER.

Now, the “SAN FRANCISCO JAZZ BAND”, between dreams and recollections of previous lives, allows him to continue his quest for the plenitude of the American West coast tuba playing.